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Here at the intermediate level we are going to shift your
web based business into 2nd, 3rd and then 4th gear ….
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Ah good to see you back here I hope you have had a read through the beginners side of an Internet business. Anyway I’m going to be moving on to the intermediate stage

In the beginner section of creating an internet business I touched on focusing on a niche and here is a tool that actually shows you how becoming a Niche expert actually will benefit you more than being general.

Here’s a true life example, a friend of mine Victor has started a Futsal tournament in South Africa now I suggested to him to have a website to transmit information etc,etc, and I’ve told him to stick strictly to the topic of Futsal South Africa and guess what his email box is flooded with emails of other COUNTRIES wanting to play against his teams…

Now how’s that for Niche marketing? Bottom line you have to focus on a niche and this course "The 30 day Expert" shows you how, because it showed me how and it showed Victor.

Have a look at it here

While we are on the topic of Niche marketing I came across another course on Niche Marketing it's by Randy Charach I’ve read all over the internet about his products and seminars etc and I purchased it and I’m actually having a blast reading his course (dated 21 July 2005)

I wish I could tell you what’s in his course but unfortunately I would be infringing on copyright laws. (Randy will kill me)

You can have a look at it here

Now where was I? Oh yes, ah, In the beginner section I mentioned becoming an affiliate is a start for many Internet guys and it’s a very valid point because not all of us have a service or products to sell, so becoming an affiliate is a starting point for most of us.

You can find out how to become a master affiliate by clicking here. Now there are going to be problems that you are going to encounter.

The first one is, people not clicking your affiliate link but still going to the site that you have promoted. And the other is having a massive unattractive affiliate links that just cause to many problems.

Now the first one, "people stealing your profits" is a major problem and if you want you can solve this problem by clicking here

And the second problem is have name that are huge which also causes lost sales, click here to see how to solve this problem



So, now you have protected your links and now you are ready to profit. But now you’re stuck ‘cause you don’t know what to write right, or you do but you aren’t getting the results that you like?

So who, do we call up to help us with this problem? Well there is really only one person who is renowned for writing great sales letters and content that actually hypnotizes people for some reason and they don’t know why.

Now don’t get me wrong this isn’t the unethical way of hypnotizing NO, NO, NO, this is just the same methods that TV’s and radios use to attract an audience.

Now first you will need to understand the principles to writing a successful write up.

Joe Vitale ‘s Hypnotic Library certainly is a very solid base to start from and here is some info about it.

Joe Vitale ‘s Hypnotic Library

Joe's course showed and helped me with the following things...

· I Learning the skills that master hypnotists have been jealously guarding

· Joe also shows me how to lead my prospect into a hypnotic state, and program him to be receptive to myr offer – without his realizing I was doing it.

· How to skillfully enter the hypnotic threshold of your prospects’ minds so that they will accept, act upon, and obey your commands

· How to satisfy the top 3 things in order to satisfy a primal need that lies deep within your prospects – and make them want to buy whatever you’re selling

· He shows you how to penetrate the prospect’s subconscious mind and fill it with your powerful hypnotic suggestions

· How to use outrageous creativity as a hypnotic mechanism to pull in more sales

· Learn the ultimate secret to controlling the public mind – this is a diabolical principle of hidden selling that creates cash automatically outside of human perception

· Hidden commands you can use to make people do your bidding

· 8 hypnotic devices you can use immediately to get a guaranteed “yes” to your offer

And I'm going to stop right there, there's too many things that his course will teach you that it will take forever to write it here.

You can have a look for yourself at what it does here

N.B I just want to add a note here my brain was fried when I
finsihed going through his info and
I couldn't sleep for
'cause of the excitement and ideas running through
my mind

Joe's course is a massive library of powerful, tactics and tools
that work in the real world

Certainly if you've gone and bought Joe’s Materials the rest below will seem very thin. But I don’t want you to be fooled, there are fantastic practical lessons STILL to be learned here.

So lets recap...

Now you know how to lead a person through a process to buy am I right?

Now we’ll put all those understandings in to a predetermined process, and first up is the OFFER.

You see when a customer comes to your site they will be in the mindset of “what’s in it for me”, and you have to tell them. And this is where writing powerful offers comes into play.

This is such a critical part of the whole package, because it doesn’t matter if you have a great product or service for a great price. On the net you have to offer something more AND you have to present it to the client in such a way that it LEADS them through the buying process.

Fortunatly the chaps at Nitro marketing have put together a very easy to follow program so that you can implement it correctly right from the start it’s called “How to Create Powerful Offers That Pull Massive Results”.

It’s not for everyone, but if you want you can have a look at it here

Certainly all of the tools that I’ve mentioned have helped thousands of people successfully implement an offer.

However the concerning thing is that everyone has a very short attention span, and on the Internet it’s even shorter. You will literally have only 2 maybe 3 seconds to grab the attention of your prospect.

That’s why it is so important to have a headline that grabs people’s attention. Without it you will just be another web page in the cyberspace.

David Garfinkel’s e-book is a very dependable source of creating headlines that sell and keep people on your website.

It’s called “Advertising Headlines That Make You Rich

  • It can help you slash the amount of time you spend creating winning headlines.
  • All you have to do is pick and choose your customized headline.
  • Easily come up with dozens of compelling angles for any product or business.
  • Brainstorm ideas for new projects in a snap.
  • And many more..

You can have a look at it here

Living Life


I’ve placed these tools here because they kinda hover between the intermediate and advanced user stage.

Impulse Internet Marketing
By Joe Vitale and Dr. Scott Lewis
This ebook tells you how to use 49 psychological tricks Las Vegas casinos use, to make your business pay off like a slot machine.

By Joe Vitale and Larry Dotson
One of the most powerful ways to increase your traffic and sales is by persuading other people to give away, publish, link-to, read, buy, subscribe, visit, sell, or sign up for your content. And you can learn it here

Magic Words That Make You Rich
By Ted Nicholas
This ebook is written by Ted Nicholas, widely recognized as one of the greatest direct marketing wizards of all time. In "Magic Words" Ted reveals the 17 magic words that can make you a fortune.


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