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Where do I start?

Real Estate has long been the way people have created wealth. People like Mr. Trump and Mr. Hilton have created vast amount of wealth with real estate, which helped, catapult them to other industries.

Now are you going to be the next Trump? Well getting the right info can certainly help you create wealth with Real Estate.

So where do you start?

Well I’m going to kick off at a point where you are scared of Real Estate Investing and you don’t know what to do or where to go?

If you feel this is you then why not start Real Estate Jobbing?

Ok, ok, ok let me explain what is real estate Jobbing. Real estate jobbing offers a risk free way to learn about real estate investing, hands on. You work with local Real estate investors to learn the ropes.

You provide information to your mentors about properties around town that are for sale. You save the Investors time, by finding them properties to buy, and they in turn will teach you about the business. It's what's known as a win-win relationship.

So to sum it up you learn real estate and create leads and get paid. You can read more here...

Now another method in profiting in Real Estate in getting in on pre-construction or off-plan real estate investing.

So what is Pre-construction Investing?

Well quite simply, pre-construction real estate investing is when you purchase a condo, townhouse, or single family residence before it is completely built. In fact, many of these investments begin when there is nothing more than a sketch of the final property.

This provides multiple opportunities for you. First, it provides an opportunity to buy at a pre-construction discount relative to fair market value so a real estate developer can obtain financing on their pre-construction project.

Second, it provides an opportunity to get appreciation in the property even though you don't even own it yet. Sometimes, you can get as much as 12 months of appreciation while only putting $1,000 down or less!

I’ve experienced this type of investing where my brother-in-law placed R5000 (app $900) for secures on a cluster home and gained almost 100% on her "real estate property" (app R300‘000 or app $45’000) value before he even started paying for the bond.

Scary I know, making $45'000 on a $900 secure.

Now the third thing, is that you may have the opportunity to enter into a great cash flowing property like my brother in law, with a lot of equity, if you know what to look for when searching for deals.

Click here for more details...

There is a real estate technique that doesn’t require any money in order to attain real estate. Jeffrey Ringold certainly says how it’s done in a very simple to understand system. He taught me how to avoid the #1 mistake that entrepreneurs make when it come to real estate.

His ebook also explains techniques that can leverage you to wealth, but it does take some hard work. He covers so many things like pitfalls to overcome, generating positive cash flow, tax deductions that you can apply in real estate that legally places more money in your hands

Certainly his book is well worth its weight in gold.

Click here to read more…

I have finally left the best for last Joe Crump’s real estate course.

Who's Joe Crump? His not only a top real estate investor and owner of several successful websites but he's also instrumental in over 30 million dollars worth of real estate deals.

In his last seminar on November 5-7, he helped 47 students claim 98 properties in less than 48 hours. In fact, in February 2004, Joe completed a challenge to help one student (Azam Meo) claim over 2 million dollars worth of property in less than 48 hours while instructing him on the phone.

I think that tells you enough, you can go ahead and contact him just click here and you’ll be forwarded to his website, and you can take it from there.

Good luck, well to be fair you don't need luck when you are in Joe's hands.


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