The Average Trader
On The Stock Exchanges Around The World ***Looses Money***.

Did you know that stock broking, as a profession shouldn't be around with all the advances in technology? The only reason why they are around is because they don't want you to learn how to trade.

It's time to change that, and learn how to get higher returns than they could possibly imagine!


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It's true...

Well you don't have to believe me, sure, you are more than welcome to agree or disagree with me.

Do Ihear some stock brokers wishing to put me on a stake

As a matter of fact I welcome your disagreement… Actually before you do that level with me here.

The number one reason why people don’t trade is because they don’t understand all that gibberish stuff that shows on CNBC or Bloomberg. Am I right?

All you see is these lines going up and down and you hear CPIX and hello-IPX, goodbye- IPX and all these phrases that turn you off. (ok, ok I know I’m taking the piss out of the pro’s).

But it's ture...

OK hold the phone lets say that, YES you were turned on by the idea of “hey I want to trade stocks, forex, options whatever makes money in the markets”. And guess what happens WHACK!!! Google smacks you with a gazillion “possible” solutions.

Soooo what I have done is I have short-listed them for you.

So lets dive straight in...

The guys at forex trader mainly focus on trading money ie forex. You see, figures show that around 90% of trades in the forex market are day trades. These trades are opened and closed on the same day. So you are in and then you are out.

Now with the world becoming a real global economy there is a forex boom happening.


Well Billions of dollars are being spent on the Internet.

China is now becoming an economical force, oh by the way so is India.

The import an export market is moving and that is where forex comes in.

I don’t want to toot your horn here but the kind of money some private traders make in this business is quite amazing. Also, managed forex funds are seeking traders who can show them a good track record over 12 to 18 months.

You see if you are any good people will pay you to manage their forex funds, and you can even negotiate a cut.

So how do they do it?

The guys at Forex Trader don't use curve fitted methods or black box methods based on embarrassingly simple indicators (tools). They provide you with the same powerful and precise forex techniques the professional traders use.

The most important thing here is to learn to trade for yourself and NOT HAVE TO RELY ON OTHERS (sorry for shouting).

Their CI System has consistently found a very high percentage of successful trades. Most experts would define a forex trading system as a 100% application of a set of rules...

Hold on, actually you can click here to continue to the rest of the article for more info…

Now moving along…

I checked out Malcolm Robinson’s DVD course and didn’t really like it at first. You see I was watching his DVD and it disturbed me that I believed that I was dong the right thing, but I wasn’t.

And I didn’t like being proved wrong, I’m male obviously I have an ego ;).

But… I am thankful for his course truly it is much better watching than reading. And he shows you how from the simple mans point of view and explanation.

And that really appealed to me. No funny words and weird explanations, just straight to the point and simple.

He covered things like what the true market fundamentals are, how to find the three distinct moneymaking price reversal patterns, how to use price and volume to interpret the market, how volume tips a move, how to use profit targets to maximise gains.

And many other things, click here to read more…


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