How to get out of bad habits

Bad habits have killed more people this
year than any other desease...


Bad habits, Oh Dear how to get out of bad habits. Certainly this is one area of everyone's life that actually holds us back.

Fears, uncertainty just to name a few. But what are in essence fears, uncertainty etc, Yeah you guessed right they are bad habits, but more specifically habits that we can alter.


Yes alter, you see what ever your reason for your habits good or bad they were learnt and the good news is they can be unlearned, the bad habits that is.

Now there are a lot of programs out there and maybe they all work. Now as I'm concerned about your success what ever it may be.

I can only speak from my experience.

So I'm going to be frank with you. Here is the problem that I was faced with.

For all of you reading this I'm a dreamer I love thinking about this and that, and what if and what not. So much so everyone in my family is actually concerned with the fact that I think so much. (Laughing)

But my problem wasn't thinking and for most people it isn't. You know, it's easy to think up a lot of things.

For instance stuff you would like to have or stuff you would like to do. For me it was business ideas that I wanted to implement.

Man I had ideas a dime a dozen literally. I could come up with ideas everyday, yeah you read right everyday. But, but, but, I never implemented any of them.

Was It because I was incompetent? No
Was it because I didn't have the resources? No

I could have done anyone of those ideas but I didn't, why??

Well I had the bad habbit of putting myself down. I really don't know why, maybe it was habbit, maybe it was something else. All I know is that I lost out.

Have you ever had that feeling that you thought up something and you didn't act on it, someone else did and you have regreted every single moment of it.

Yeah, It's not a nice feeling I tell you.

So how do you get out of the bad habbits?

Well I've place some tools below that I have personally used to help me. I've also written some more on the the tools and what they can help you with.

They are generic so if you want to stop smoking, improve your realtionships, It's all here from A to Z.


Living Life

Here are some tools that can help you get rid of bad habits

They are broken into specific categories and each category tools to choose from that are the highest standard.

| Books that break bad habits | Programs that get you out of bad habits |

to broaden your way of thinking, and break the bad habbit of limited thinking

Rich dad poor dad | Think and grow rich | Four laws of debt free prosperity |

**More coming soon**

Rich dad poor dad

Robert Kiyosaki is a Japanese American who has in his own intuitive way wrote a book on how he was personally taught on how business works and most importantly how money works.

I found it a very nice book to read and it kept me reading it and I didn’t want to put it down because of it’s deep values and light hearted story telling. I really enjoyed it and this was the first book I read that made a huge difference in the way I think about business and life.

It's been No.1 on the new york times best seller list for so long that its practically made it its home.

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Think and grow rich This is my top choice

American born Napoleon Hill is considered to have influenced more people into success than any other person in history. He has been perhaps the most influential man in the area of personal success technique development, primarily through his classic book Think and Grow Rich which has helped million of the people and has been important in the life of many successful people such as W. Clement Stone and Og Mandino.

Fighting against all class of great disadvantages and pressures, he dedicated more than 25 years of his life to define the reasons by which so many people fail to achieve true financial success and happiness in their life.

During this time he achieved great success as an attorney and journalist. His early career as a reporter helped finance his way through law school. He was given an assignment to write a series of success stories of famous men, and his big break came when he was asked to interview steel-magnate Andrew Carnegie. Mr. Carnegie commissioned Hill to interview over 500 millionaires to find a success formula that could be used by the average person.

These included Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Henry Ford, Elmer Gates, Charles M. Schwab, Theodore Roosevelt, William Wrigley Jr, John Wanamaker, WIlliam Jennings Bryan, George Eastman, Woodrow Wilson, William H. Taft, John D. Rockefeller, F. W. Woolworth, Jennings Randolph, among others.

He became an advisor to Andrew Carnegie, and with Carnegie's help he formulated a philosophy of success, drawing on the thoughts and experience of a multitude of rags-to-riches tycoons. It took Hill over 20 years to produce his book, a classic in the Personal Development field called Think and Grow Rich.

This book has sold over 7 million copies and has helped thousands achieve success. The secret to success is very simple but you'll have to read the book to find out.

***This is my top choice***

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The four laws of debt free prosperity

Based on a true story this book presents the four time-tested laws developed by Blaine Harris from Chequemate international, it’s a financial management program for individuals, families and home businesses that can help mak a difference for you and your loved ones today and tomorrow.

This book will challenge the way you look at financial affairs and it is a real tool to have in your hands.

The nice simple nature of this book carries you through a true life story, and it really help me relate to the information being taught here.

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Programs that get you out of bad habits

Tony Robbins Get The Edge | Tony Robbins The Power to Shape Your Destiny |

**More coming soon**

Tony Robbins Get The EdgeThis is my top choice

You've most likely seen him on the infomercials on T.V. Tony Robbins is who leaders call to lead them. He is a life, business and relationship coach. And since he can’t coach all of us he has developed programs that we can follow on a daily basis to help us get all the juice out of life. Get the Edge is a compact program version of personal power, buy it does emphasis the importance of personal power II and actually using both programs in tandem is seriously powerful.

***This is my top choice***

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Tony Robbins The Power to Shape Your Destiny

I love having those days where you perform at your best, and then I also get those other days where I perform my best but still fall just short of my goals. If you can relate to this then, Anthony Robbins will show you how to utilize a quality you already possess so you can achieve that goal.

Man he'll give you so many strategies that you'll be astonished at yourself, well thats how I felt.

Have a look.

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